Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Attitude will reimburse

As a test engineer, what will be your attitude whenever you find a bug? Only few have the attitude of posting all the bug whatever he/she finds in the application. Rest has the habit of posting only the major bugs there by ignoring minor one. Obviously, it shows, the tester is interested in maintaining the personal relationship with the developer rather than the quality of the software. If not we won’t encounter System crash in ATM’s. I have compiled few Quotations; by following any one of these will keep you in positive state of mind. Always keep a quote in a mind while testing which will make you a better tester.

"A good tester has the heart of a a jar on the desk"
"Hard on software but soft on programmer"
"In GOD we trust....the rest we test"
"All code is guilty, until proven innocent."
There is always one more bug to find" "If YOU don’t find the bugs...your customer will"
"Only certainties in life: Death, taxes and bugs in code"
"Faith is fine in private life, but poison in software testing."
"Testers don't break software; it's broken when we get it."
"We break it because we care".
"Where failure is always an option"
"Testers don't like to break things; they like to dispel the illusion that things work fine".
"Testers don’t go to work to make friends".
"We don’t find bugs by chance, we create them by choice"
"Trust, But Verify".
"Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything"
"I don't make software; but make it better"

Thanks Harry Robinson & others for their valuable quotes.

Thanks:USOC. The chart clearly shows you the comparison of attitude and the percentage of success. Whoever has "Can do" attitude can easily taste the success. In last decade, it plays a vital role in the success of a software engineer. Now-a-days all MNC’s, recruiting employees based upon his/her attitude rather than technical skills i.e., ability to take decisions in pressure situation, handling stress, man management skills etc., Being a tester, always try to penetrate the software. Always keep your perspective of thinking in opposite to developer. Just cumulate the number behind the word attitude,1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5=100. Yes! the outcome of attitude is 100%.

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