Monday, February 13, 2006

Great Salute

Yesterday I went to movie “Saravana”. The movie ended at 2 am, I started to walk to my room along the road side. After a par long of walk in main road, I turned towards my right and took a street. I have not noticed the two policemen who were standing at the corner of the street. They called and started to enquire about me. Just I have given below the conversation held between us.
Police: ”Inga vaanga thambi”
I went near him….
“Enga poitu varinga? “ he asked by chewing a bethel
“Padathuku poitu varan sir”
“Enna padam”
“Kaluthula chain potu irukinga, kaiyila motharam potu irukinga ….
Innaiku saayankaalam 6 maniku oruthan chain-na aruthukitu poitaan theriyuma…”

I have not told anything….
“Karaatha theriyuma…”
“ theriyathu sir”
“Vera tharkaapu kalai ethavathu theriyuma…”
“Theriyathu sir”
Enna terinjalum onum panna mudiyathu…Kaiyila kathi vachukitu nina enna
pannuva…onnum panna mudiyathu thambi…”
“Aama sir..”
“Ithalaam nallathuku illa….naalu peru senthu ponga….. illa kaalaiyila
poonga…..Ticket iruka…”
“iruku sir”
Verified and returned back to me…
“Sari paathu ponga..”

I left the place, after reaching my room I recalled the things told by him. It is too cold at that time, if he wish, he can sleep at any place without doing his duty. It is unnecessary for him to talk with me as like my well wisher. But still they are roaming in the streets with a shawl. One or two may be like the kind of police expressing in films. But they are exceptional cases. Exceptional cases never become an example. We are criticizing police in all the films and writing fun-stories about them despite of many moral police like them. I accept, khakis are not finding theft also they are not able to stop theft but my point is, surely they are creating awareness’ among the people. It is up to people to co-operate with them to reduce the crime rate. BTW, I have taken a decision tonight that, I will not go to cinema alone in nights.

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