Thursday, March 09, 2006

AGILE-The New Kid

You cannot expect any technology/technique will be in peak for prolonged time. Each and every day someone somewhere in the world is introducing new technique/technology and convinces it is the best practice in industry or it will become a best practice in future. From Java, we have seen many programming languages such as ALGOL, LISP, COBOL, SNOBOL, BASIC, SIMULA, PL/I, Pascal, Prolog, B, C, C++, Modula2, Smalltalk80, Ada, ANSI C, QuickBasic, Visual Basic etc., but none occupied the industry for more than a decade. These languages merely help us to develop software but to develop efficiently we need to follow a development methodologies. Similar to programming languages there exist many development methodologies from Waterfall to eXtreme programming model. Each model has its own pros and cons. In order to stay in the competition, one should accept the latest technique/technology/trends/demands in the market and integrate them into their business. One who stays away from these will be omitted from the race. I am working in a concern which develops and release software in adaptive style. Initially I thought, the company is not following any kind of development methodologies until I hear the word “Agile”. Agile is a development methodologies comes under eXtreme programming model hosted by Kent Beck and Ward Cunningham which is purely based up on adaptive style. Right now software companies are occupying only cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad; they are not ready to come to other part of India. But once agile becomes popular, I am sure; you can observe many software companies in the other regional parts of India. Only thing is we should be ready to accept this technology. I expect many small companies knowingly or unknowingly fall in this category. Each and every problem faced in the existing standards show the way for the new standards, if its true, I hope, obstacle like building cost, land cost, cost of living, floating population and fortunate thing like web, chat, video conferencing will guide you to put a virtual road for Agile development process in regional areas.
Note: I am not a founder of this methodology to convince you to follow Agile. To be honest, I am just a promoter.

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