Sunday, March 19, 2006

No more Formalities…..

Its March, students of final, pre-final year are in rush to finish, initiate their project work. IT industry, apart from software companies, holds software training institutes. The main target of such institutes is students. Especially they are targeting pre-final/final year students. Only 5 to 10 members in a class have the ability to do the projects individually. Rests of the students were mentally forced to depend on some source to complete their projects. Even they do not have the idea of choosing their concept. The institution also fails to create awareness about the current industry’s crook. Most of the parents do not have much idea about current technologies; in the belief, their children will act only according to family situation, they also giving a bunch of money in to their hands. All these things help the training institutes to infiltrate the students’ minds easily.

As like software companies these institutions also has a life cycle,
Brainwashing Phase,
Project choosing Phase,
Bargaining Phase,
Project completion Phase.

The only software development life cycle which does not have coding phase? All this phases comes under the category of Fraudulent. As expected, among the 60 students in a class, a group of students would approach them. The institute will hand over a list projects to the students and ask them to pick one among them and promise them that this project will not be given to any one and they would guide them from start to end. But behind the screen, the projects they selected was given to a group earlier (previous year) and will be given to some other group in future.

Once selection of project completes, bargaining starts. Bargaining is nothing different from fish market except the environment; just we are holding a place in AC room and communicating in English. Bargaining starts from 20000 and ends with 15000. This is called win-win strategy. In the perspective of institution, they have earned a new client for 14,000 by selling a project which not even worth for 2000. In the perspective of student, per head they are paying only 3000 there by holding the rest of 12000 in hand which brought from their parents.

Hope all know the rest of the story, how their one day life will be. The group will be in room all the day with a pack of cigarettes. In evening, they start roaming the streets, beach, theater, Park and of course Renganathan street which is mandatory for all. After 10.00PM, they will land in a bar and spend their time till late night. This span of lifestyle will be depending upon the amount of money in their hands. Once the money ruined out, they will get the exe code and document from the Institution and quit the city Chennai with a lukewarm memories. Now the students will submit this as a “partially submitted for the …” In college, no staff/guide is interested to question the student about his project. At last, the external will also put marks in-between the range of 180 - 200 to all the students as per the instruction of the concern dept head. This is the mark which is going to boost the percentage of a student.

Though, the college, the HOD, Staffs, Students or external invigilator is not giving enough importance to the project, this is followed merely as formalities to satisfy the university. Even though everyone has the right to change this, it is possible only if the department head takes his moral power. Instead of giving one month continuous leave for project work they can give last three days in a week as leave. In remaining days, staffs can guide the students. However this pattern should be changed. Project work should earn its reputation, because it is the authentication for his four year understanding of his engineering stream.

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