Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hand Shaking Friendship is enough.....

Every stage of life we get friendship from our surroundings. At school, college, work environment are the places nearly everyone get most of their friends. How many of you are stick with all most all your friends. Personally I feel, friends we get in college are more precious than the others. I can add many reasons to my view.
1. We have enough time to know about each and every one.
2. When we march against management like strike, the unity among us gets
3. Almost we are spending 8 hours in a day with our friends, if we are a
hosteller, 24 out of 24 hr we are together.
4. Excursion, tours, sports gives us many unforgettable memories.
5. During examination, the help (malpractice in terms of squad) from the
successor and predecessor eliminates the word ‘betray’ in friendship.
6. College day, Sports day, Symposium and other extra curricular activities
groups the like minded persons together.
7. When there is a misunderstanding between a two, lot more friends are there
to get rid of that.

Apart from above, the important factor which lack in other is, we do not have any solid responsibility in college so naturally we no need to please any one. But in work environment, each and every one wants to hold his/her position in the company/organization. The promotion, salary hike are few place a vital role in the relationship between two. It is very tough to find true friends in corporate environment. Among the peoples we meet, most of them are stick with cruel, betrayed, cunning mindset, so it is better to have hand shaking friendship with people we meet after college days.
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