Saturday, April 01, 2006

Let me know the reason:

I have started this blog on January 2006 and updating it at every weekend. I have placed a Hit counter to know the number of hits I am getting every day. The number seems to be average of 10 hits per day in recent days. But when you notice the number of comments in my blog, totally it is 3. I expect, there can be only two reasons for this, one is viewer does not have interest to leave a comment and the second is, they may find some problem while posting the comment. If the reason is first one, I have no hesitation in accepting that my post fails to impress them to post a comment. If the problem is later one, kindly mail to because I have no other option to know the reason.


prash said...

test comment

Anonymous said...

You write well. It may not be possible for everyone to leave a comment!