Saturday, April 01, 2006

Mystery- Yet to reveal

Everybody has the curiosity to know the hidden things of NATURE. Over the years, centuries, Scientist, Researchers, Scholars and many other organizations work on it to unreveal it. It holds many puzzles, whenever approached, throws any one of his puzzle and it takes years, decades or sometimes it could take many generations to solve. If you are looking beyond the sky, beneath the sea, below the ground, surely it will astonish you by revealing many unknown things. Sometimes the newly discovered will be contradictory to the early one. Somehow it gives work to lakhs and lakhs of people over centuries. Each and every discovery helps us for better understanding about the culture, architecture, behavior etc.

Photo Courtesy ASI & The Hindu

Mamallapuram, a place well known for sculpture, built by Pallava kings Mahendravarman, Narasimhavarman I, Paramesvara and Narasimhavarman II, during the 7th and 8th century A.D. After 1200 years, the Tsunami waves (I do not want to call it as Killer waves) help the Archeological department to found a new Subramaniya temple below the ground. For a while, let us virtually rewind our self to 8th Century......

We can expect/assume at least some thousands of people have lived under the Pallava regime. What happens to all of them? How the temple gets vanished and went under ground? What prevents them from transferring the info abt the temple to generation next? Or why the generation next does not take a step to renovate it. Just imagine, is it possible by a human being to hold a secret for over centuries? Certainly not but, nature did it.

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