Sunday, May 07, 2006

Power of Non-Violence

Photo courtsey: The Hindu

I decided to write a post about Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) leader Medha Patkar a week ago but due to some hectic schedule I could not. Even now I guess, people would not forget about her indefinite hunger strike that draws the entire nations attention. I do not know about the seriousness of the issue before her strike.
— From my childhood I always believe heroes are one who always had a weapon in his hand and fight with others. Among the freedom fighters, I like Nethaji more than Gandhiji. Among the heroes in Tamil filmdom I like Rajini rather than Mohan. For the first time, I was impressed with the powerful weapon ‘non-violence’. Thanks to Indian media to brought the issue precisely to people and for allocated a space in front page.

At same time I wish to remember the words said by human right activist Arundhati Roy
“the Government these days was neither respecting nor listening to those raising their voice via non-violent means. Instead, it was inviting those leading violent struggles for talks” --A valid point to think & Analyze.

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