Saturday, July 28, 2007

Kireedam: another 'Mugavari '

Kireedam has all the elements required for a successful movie. It has an excellent storyline, talented star cast, good comedy, worthy music, excellent cinematography but still fails to attract the mass audience. The story is all about a dream of a father who like to make his son as a Sub-inspector and son in turn always interest to fulfill his family expectations. Ajith is too handsome in the film after a long time. The chemistry between the Ajith and Rajkiran on screen is blended well with their characters. The first half of the movie seems to be pretty good. The scene before interval is crafted well and highlights the relationship between the father & Son. But, the director fails to maintain the same rhythm in second half. the movie would impressed much, if they changed the screeplay little in second half. The film has the malayalam flavour till the end, which is the one should be avoided strictly. When compared to earlier Ajith's washout movie Azhwar, this is good. So, Kireedam is one of the best clasical movie unfortunately failed to hit the target.

Thiru's cinematography is good but, the yellow tone throughout the movie is irritating. The song 'Akkam Pakkam' is a visiting card for the upcoming musician G.V Prakash. Vijay, the debut director tried to be in safer side by remaking his mentor Priyadarshan film as his first attempt and partially he succeeded too.

I hear, the
climax has been changed due to the demand of the audience.

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Gowri Shankar said...

hi raja,

you are right....the storyline is good, but the screenplay is too slow. especially the second half tested my patience. U could've mentioned the song 'Vizhiyil'.... its pretty good as well...