Saturday, July 28, 2007

Unexpected Plot

JJ Sila Kurippugal. I was interested to buy this book a year before. But, due to unavailability of this book at many book stores and due to hectic work schedule, I could not able to spend time in searching the book. Last week I went to Connemara Library, in the book exhibition, unexpectedly found this book and brought it for 10% discount. Since I was much attracted to the title of the book, I brought it without knowing on which platform the book deals with. While bringing this book to home, I had a impression that, the book is all about a excellent love story, deals with romance, affection and JJ belongs to the first letter of the leading male & female characters (I had this thought thr'o the film Jay Jay). I had this kind of perspective till I read the first two pages of this book.

After reading few pages, I understood, it is about a malayalam writer Joseph James (JJ). A writer who lived for only 39 years but created a great impression in malayalam literature. The author of this book Sundara Ramaswamy has brought the in and out of the JJ's mindset in this book. Even though the plot of the book is totally different to my expectations, it is still very interesting to read. Almost I completed half of the book in a week.

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Anonymous said...

When u completely read the book, will feel u have chosen a right book.
-- Vivek