Saturday, August 11, 2007

ARYA: Childish attempt

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Balasekaran, director of Love Today and Thulli Thirindha Kaalam come up with a film Arya after a long time. Both Love today and TTK was a movie with different theme and become a notable film in the career of Vijay & Arunkumar. The director lost his personal touch which he earned in earlier two films and also not clear in what he wants to deliver. It has all the ingredients needed for a masala movie; has action, comedy, love, sentiment etc., but everything is mixed in inappropriate proportion and presented in immature way. Bhavana, good-looking girl, not at all fit in the disruptive character. Only relief is the comedy of Vadivelu….who appears as a ‘Snake’ Babu and gives us some temporary break. Rest of all is testing the patience of audience. Songs are another torture which is purposefully incorporated in-between scenes. Sometimes it is inevitable to avoid the feeling of watching lollu Sabha of Vijay TV.

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Gowri Shankar said...

Very true.... Such a senseless movie. Pure waste of money. I wish I could've watched Sivaji for the 11th time....