Monday, September 03, 2007

Ammuvaghiya Naan....well-brought-up

A film which is penned & directed completely against the current trend of Tamil film industry. Usually path breaking films will become a flop else will create a new trend. But this film belongs to neither of this. Another director followed the foot steps of Cheran.

Ranimadam (ராணி மடம்), a house well known for brothel in the city which is run by Sadhna with little moral & professional ethics. Gowrishankar (Parthiban) a renowned writer in Tamil who missed the best writer award couple of times and determined to get it in his next attempt. Parthiban stepped in to Ranimadam insearch of input to his storyline which is all about the world’s oldest profession ‘Brothel’. Ammu (Bharathy) a very costly sex worker in Ranimadam, who prefers to work there and doesn’t believe in marriage. Parthiban, hire Ammu for 45 lakhs from Rani amma and decided to marry her and down the line changed her as a good house wife and gave a new status to her in the society.
Almost the entire movie is taken in 2 houses. A low-budget film but you never thought so while watching the movie. The character is not new to Parthiban, he already played a similar character in Pudhumai Pithan in which Roja replaces Bharathi. The director Padhmamagan who learned a lot more from his first failured attempt Pallavan and almost rectified everything in his second venture. The scene where Abhishek speak with Parthiban and Bharathy in a restaurant is well narrated and outstanding. Hope, the success of this film will boost him to do more quality movies in future. The other aspects Camera, Songs, Music, Location everything sync well with the story. Ammuvaghiya Naan....a much needed quality movie for Tamil film industry.

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Deepa said...

Didnt know about this movie. parthiban is finally acting after a lonnnnng leave of absence.