Monday, November 12, 2007

Google Notebook: Powerful yet ostracized tool

My project manager used to say very often "If all the software engineers are honest then they have to pay half of their salary to google". Yes, these are true words, now-a-days one cannot develope an application without the help of google. If we have any query or clarification or need to find logic or to find the exact coding, obviously our hands will type first in the browser. Google has delivered huge number of products so far to make our effort much easier and interesting too. Only google's search, email and Orkut has gain enough popularity when compared to other usefull stuff like Google Scholar, Google Blog Search, Google Desktop, Google Code etc.,

'Notebook' is one such cool tool from google which I am using for the past one and a half year which helped me a lot to maintain the documents, pictures, clips etc., in a properly arranged and indexed manner. It is a virtual notepad helps us to keep every thing in centralized location. When the document is in desktop, it is possible to view the document only from that particular system not from the other. If you want to open it in from other system, need to carry it as a file in a pen drive or attach the file to a email and download it wherever required. Notebook eliminates all this hazzards, it is a web-based word file, you can open it from anywhere and also you can save anything. The functionality looks very small but once practiced we can find a significant improvement in our process of keep tracking of notes. I can give you a small example, if you simultaneously handle three projects at a time and constantly receiving information about three projects, instead of saving each one as a seperate word file in a particular system, here you can create a three seperate notebooks and directly save those details under it and can be viewed from any where. Rather than IT peoples it is an excellent tool for bloggers. Don't keep yourself away from such tools without trying atleast once, as one quote says “You can't expect to meet the challenges of today with yesterday's tools and expect to be in business tomorrow”. To start, all you need is a gmail account. For further information visit

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