Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My first attempt on Kalki's Novel

I have the habit of underlining the catchy sentences in the novel, Poetry etc., You can find such lines in all the books which I read so far. Such sentence/Phrases will create much interest on the story and will be a booster to read further until the last page. First time, I have completed a 456 page novel without a single underline. But it has a unique and different style in attracting the readers. We may experienced in childhood, hearing historic stories through our grandma and elders in the family, one can feel the same while reading the book. Eventhough I know a lot about the author but, never read a single book before this. In many interviews Kamal has mentioned about the author’s ‘Ponniyin Selvan and his attempt to make that as a movie; Also writers, Sujatha, S.Ramakrishnan and ofcourse my Dad has created a kind of image about the author in my mind.

First, I decided to read ‘Ponniyin Selvan. But, I came to know only after going to book shop that Ponniyin Selvan is comprised of 5 volumes and comes around Rs.500. Instead of going for a such big volume initially, I decided to buy ‘Parthiban Kanavu. I donot have any expectation before start reading the book, the plot of the story runs in the ancient period. The story is all about the dream of a king Parthiba Cholan and his dream to create an independent dynasty. The characterization of Ponnan, Valli, Marappa Bhoopathi are excellent. Surely you will be thrilled when the characters Kabala Bhairavan & Vichitira Kullan comes in to picture. Throughout the novel, through his narration, the author virtually brings the exact ancient period in front of our eyes. My humble request is please don't go for 'Ponniyin Selvan' directly without reading any of his other novels, because, Ponniyin Selvan is a master-piece of his all books, before reading such books we should have some understanding about the author. I suggest this is a perfect book for the readers who wish to know about Kalki’s classical works. Couple of years back I read Dan Brown's Angels & Demons and wondered about the authors excellent blend of history and fiction. But now Iam very proud because the same was done by Kalki before many decades of Dan Brown.

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