Friday, November 14, 2008

Cheers ISRO - Historic Event

Picture courtesy: The Hindu. HISTORY MADE AT 8.31 P.M. FRIDAY: A close-up photograph of the Moon’s surface taken by the video camera of the Moon Impact Probe on Friday (November 14, 2008) as the MIP approached the Shackleton crater after separating from Chandrayaan-1.

My hearty wishes & congratulations to the entire team involved in this project.

Message on Moon:
Some of the intresting messages left on message board of NDTV's "If you could leave a message on moon"

Let there be peace and tranquility on earth and no more wars anywhere.Share all the nature''s bounties without destruction and protect every nature''s creation since it has some pupose. Let human beings abhor greed, hatred and all kinds of fanatism. Protect the weakest and helpless -- Yantrik

This part of moon belongs to JAYADEV. Trespassers will be prosecuted. -- Jayadev

Hello Nila,
my grand mother used to show u and make me to eat the food. now it is the time i will come to you and make eat my grand son or daughter -- Subash

India is not just a nation watching NASA''s space programs, but a competitor, a tough competitor. Want proof? Its chandrayaan. -- prakasanpraveen

-- taransbedi

If I should address it to the Moon, I would advise IT not to allow human beings in its territory !! -- Nariman_789

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